Help to Online Shop ...

How I can order?

1. Choice the category.
2. To put an article in the basket click .
3. In the basket you can check everytimes your choices.


Our products are digital data that can the buyer copy as often as for his own use (in compliance with copyright). Therefore, any product can be purchased only 1 time per order.
There are 2 ways to remove items from basket:

  1. You can delete an article out of the basket by enter the value 0 in field Quantity and click on button Update.
  2. click on Button Delete all - it removes all items from basket.
By clicking on Till ... you get to the checkout

In the program sequence logical controls are inserted:
  1. Each Article can be given only once to the basket.
  2. The costs of necessary CD/DVD are computed automatically.

At the till an extra help exists.
After changes in the Values for shipment calculation the shipping costs will be recalculated new.
You can enter individual wishes in the Remark (any changes in the invoice amount can then not be automatically calculated).
With Delivery = "Download" all fixed costs = 0. You receive after receipt of payment by email an Internet link, which is valid for 14 days. (Note that the download can take several hours or even days!)
By clicking on Check inputs you will receive a confirmation notice of appointment, in which the shipping costs are calculated. The display can be printed with Print order.
The order will be send to us by click Submit order as an e-mail. You will receive an email with the invoice in which we notify our bank details. The final values obtained only via email as an invoice form - here may be considered under Remarks the registration information. Immediately after receipt of payment we put together the CD / DVD individually and send it on same day by post or send by email the Internet link for download.